50kg Bloc


Category 3


H 240 x W 240 x L 360mm

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what can the ANCHORBLOC be used for?

AnchorBloc’s™ component-engineered design is revolutionising the events and construction industry. Here are just a few of the examples of how AnchorBloc™ can be used to support your structure.

Scaffolding  |  Rigging  |  Fencing  |  Ballast  |  Events  |  Signage

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A Unique Modular System

The AnchorBloc™ is a truly unique product delivering the ultimate in flexibility. It’s modular system means that all Blocs belonging to the same Category can be coupled together allowing the exact specification for any size project. 

The 3 categories are as followings:

Category 1 - 1000kg
Category 2 - 500kg  /  330kg  /  250kg
Category 3 - 50kg  /  25kg


how to move the anchorblocand accessories

Coming soon…

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