AnchorBloc’s™ component-engineered design
is revolutionising the events and construction industry. 


Adhearing to the highest standard in safety regulations gives you the piece of mind with every project.


Our Story

Setup by company founders Chris Simpson & Steve Batkin in 2008, Anchor Bloc™ was first used for the securing a free standing personelle walkway for EDF energy during a renovation project on West Burton Power Station. 

In the easly days they only had the facility to pour 1 x 1000kg AnchorBloc™ per day, which would be cast, stripped, cured and delivered instantly to site in order to meet the projects tight deadline. 

Today the company holds over 2,500 tons of the AnchorBloc™ product ready to be hired, sold or used in its many projects and hoardings.

Our Misson

We set out with a passion of changing the way the industry looked at securing temporary structres. To offer a truly tested, proved and calcuable product and a level of service unsurpassed by any competition with a direct one-to-one client relationship. 

We have spent years in research and development to enable us to offer a unique and unriveled versitile product which can meet the demands of any application it is required to perform. 

Having a vast network of contacts in the events, construction, road haulage, scaffolding and temporary fencing sectors allows us to be able to deliver our services with expertise and precision.

Our Accreditations
& Certifications

With our mission to produce a truely tried and tested product, we really have gone the extra mile to give piece of mind and security. Each one of our products has undergone vigorous safety testing by renowned class experts Lloyds British.

Pushed to failure our blocks have been proven in accordance with BS5975:2008 as apart of CDM 2015 regulations meaning you can be rest assured you will be ensuring your compliance with HSE latest standards. 

In conjunction with our testing we are also proud to be supporting members to a range of industry bodies and associations active in ensuring and improving the safest practices and standards. 




Not sure that you’re safety complient?
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