Anchor Bloc™ does just what its name suggests – a series of cast concrete blocks that is used to anchor structures and scaffoldings securely and rigidly in place. Anchor Bloc’s™ unique qualities make it the truly professional solution for securely erecting event structures like gantries, marquees, fencing, hoardings, stage work and much more.


Manufactured from an innovative combination of recycled and sustainable materials whilst remaining usable over and over again it’s a sound sustainable investment that will give you peace of mind on every project.



Well for a start we are completely unriveld in our field. Offering you a
completely unique product the benefits are...

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A Unique Modular System

The AnchorBloc™ is a truly unique product delivering the ultimate in flexibility. It’s modular system means that all Blocs belonging to the same Category can be coupled together allowing the exact specification for any size project. 

The 3 categories are as followings:

Category 1 - 1000kg
Category 2 - 500kg  /  330kg  /  250kg
Category 3 - 50kg  /  25kg

And couple that with the use of various accessories the possibilties are endless!

modular system 1000kg.jpg

The AnchorBloc Modular system allows multiple Blocs to be bolted together securely



Engineered for Integration.
AnchorBloc™ can be used alone or bolted together using it’s unique modular system. It can also be mechanically integrated into the overall construction, either way, it provides the ultimate anchorage for any temporary structure. Once onsite the AnchorBloc™ can be mechanically connected via bolts, scaffold poles, double swivel couplers, ratchet straps or GEWI dywidag connectors allowing the ultimate in flexibility too!

Ratchet Straps.jpg


Ratchet straps can be connected to the Anchor Bloc via the top scaffold tubes to secure marquees, gazebos, or to ballast any temporary structure.

Gewi Nut & Coupler.jpg


Scaffold can be securely attached at 90 degrees vertically, via GWEI Dywidag thread bar and scaffold half-coupler screwed direct into GEWI nuts.

Horizontal Scaffold.jpg


Scaffold tubes can be placed directly into the horizontal tube inserts (x4). These can then be used with additional scaffold fittings to allow further methods of bracing and support to a structure.

Scaffold Tube diagram.jpg


Scaffold tubes can be attached via a right-handed coupler to the top scaffold tubes. these can be rotated through a variety of angles to brace other scaffolding or fencing as shown above.

Vertical Scaffold.jpg


Scaffold tubes can be placed directly into the vertical tube inserts (x2) instantly providing a secure base for aluminium beam structures, for example height barrier or lighting truss rig.


AnchorBloc’s™ component-engineered design is revolutionising the events
and construction industry.

Here are just a few of the examples of how AnchorBloc™ can be used to support your structure.



No need for sandbags, water ballast or scrap concrete.
These Anchor Bloc’s™ carry out all the ballast or kentledge functions so much better than previous methods like sandbags, water ballast or scrap concrete. For the first time, it is possible to precision design structures to meet all the Institute of Structural Engineers guidelines. Are you compliment?


Use / Re-Use.
The concrete C35 mix comprises of sustainable aggregate sourced through our partner nationwide ready mix supplier, so that AnchorBlocs™ can be constructed on site to reduce transport costs and carbon emissions. Meanwhile the steel work reinforcement contains 98% recyceled material. At completion of the project the blocks can then be relocated to a local storage facility for transport or re-use. Click here to see more on our Environmental Policy. 


Fully Safety Acredited.
We adhere to the highest standards in saftey. Click here to see read more on our Safety Protocols. 



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